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The cuisine of India is as varied as the Indian sub-continent from which it originates. As a first time experience, the variety in taste and flavor is simply overpowering. In fact, a delicately spiced Indian vegetarian plates can tantalizingly tease your taste buds. SANGEETHA VEG. RESTAURANTS means taste and flavor, and we try our best every day to live up to our name. We serve traditional Indian food and also some Indian sweet dishes including ELAN DOSAI, CN SPL VADAI, GOBI MANJURIAN, KUZHI PANIYARAM, etc. SANGEETHA VEG. RESTAURANTS continues to be recognized as a premier fine dining franchising around the world. We have brought highly experienced chefs from India whom are highly motivated, quality products and fresh spices ensure the customers an haute cuisine, a menu sought never pretentious and the solidity of the best Indian culinary tradition. Our cuisines are derived from the traditional Udupi &Chettinad style of cooking and All our recipes are authentic Indian recipes.
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we are an international business group including 6 businesses in all over Malaysia. our mission is to provide the best service for our customers.


  • No. 50, WISMA KOPATHA, Jalan Masjid India,50100, kuala lumpur, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 326 933 443
  • Email: Infokopatha@kopathagroup.com